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Trader Joe’s Brewed Ginger Beer

I will continue my love of all things ginger today with another favorite of mine. I’ve been enjoying this drink for almost a year. TJ’s Brewed Ginger Beer non-alcoholic sparkling beverage has become my go to beverage with dinner. I like it better than the Reed’s brand, which is also available at TJ’s and it’s miles better than the canned option, Hansen’s Ginger Ale.


For a while I thought the TJ’s Brewed Ginger Beer was made by Reed’s but thanks to the Fearless Flyer we now know it’s made in Santa Rosa, California. After doing a little research I think it’s made by  Sungo Beverages. Now, don’t take this as fact, but when you look at their products and their location it’s a safe guess.

What do I love most about this beverage? I think it’s the strong ginger flavor with a bit of bite. It’s not bitter nor is it super sweet. If you don’t like ginger or think ginger ale is too strong this is definitely not the beverage for you. When you look closely at the bottom of the bottle you can see bits of ginger floating around. I would say this is product is partially filtered, other unfiltered ginger beers I’ve had are much cloudier and not as clear as the Brewed Ginger Ale.

Ingredients: water, sugar, ginger juice, lime juice concentrate, natural ginger ale flavor, natural flavors, and ginger extract

It contains 6% juice and has 140 calories and 36g total carbohydrates and 35g sugars.

This is perfect for ginger lovers (the drink not redheads) or anyone looking to try something new and out of the ordinary.





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