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Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit – Soft & Juicy Mandarins


bagToday’s post is on a new product I’ve never tried before. I saw these at the checkout line and thought they would be good. I like most other dried fruit I’ve bought at TJ’s. I especially love there Dried Bing Cherries. However, these were somewhat of a disappointment. They aren’t what I would classify as really soft or juicy. I also find some of them lacking flavor. The more I eat the more my feelings are mixed. Some are way softer than others and some have more flavor. But I would not call any of them so far as juicy.

I don’t think I will eat these as a snack by themselves but I do have some good ideas to use them so they won’t go to waste.


  1. Chop into smaller pieces and add to cereal
  2. Dip in chocolate (I might do this around Christmas)
  3. Add to salad ( would suggest cutting them in halves)
  4. Add to trail mixes

Ingredients: mandarin orange segments, sugar, sulfur dioxide (for freshness) Product of Thailand

I’m not saying these are bad, just not my preference among other TJ dried fruit options.


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