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Trader Joe’s Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

bottleSummer is officially here! I was so thrilled to see this juice back on the shelf from last year. Then my heart was broken because TJ’s was sold out! But the juice gods were on my side and there was one bottle left thanks to somebody who placed it in the wrong section. Checking out the Crew Member asked if I had tried it before and I told her how great it was and how it was the last one on the shelf. She said the same thing happened yesterday. I will definitely be stocking up to have spares in the pantry.

The Watermelon Cucumber Cooler is so refreshing and of course I’m drinking it as I write this post. You mainly taste the watermelon with a hint of cucumber. This drink is not super sugary but more of a watered down flavor compared to most juices at TJ’s. I don’t mean watered down in a bad way but more in a refreshing light way. Sometimes I will add sparking water to it with dinner over ice. I’m sure this is a great mixer with many types of alcohol. Update: Add a splash of TJ’s Blackberry Crush juice for an even better drink experience! 



Ingredients: Filtered water, organic sugar, organic watermelon juice concentrate, cucumber juice concentrate, organic flavors, organic fruit and vegetable extract (color), natural flavors, citric acid.  Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI)


Something I like to do with this beverage is make popsicles. When I come in from working in the yard they are super refreshing and cool me off.

The popsicles are super easy to make. I made two types one with mint and one with basil. Both turned out great but I was surprised that I liked the basil more.

I picked fresh mint and basil from my garden, washed and let it dry. The more you let it dry the easier it is to chop. If you choose to chop the herbs make sure they are super fine and small. Next time I’m going to put the juice and herbs in my blender. This should help make the pieces smaller which helps the herbs distribute better in the popsicle.

I first poured the juice into my popsicle molds then added the herbs. I stirred them up to make sure the herbs weren’t all at the top of the mold. I put them in the freezer and after 15 minutes when they were becoming slushy I used the popsicle stick to stir them up again to get the herbs more mixed in.  After 30 minutes total they were ready and super yummy!

after frezzer


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