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Trader Joe’s Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries (aka not Pop-Tarts)

boxfrontWhen I wake up in the morning the first thing I think about is, how can I best consume a whopping 400 calories on breakfast?  Alright, I don’t but lets just say I was surprised to see how many calories are in one package. It’s 200 per pastry that’s 400 if I eat the 2 pastries in a pouch.

Then I was even more surprised when I compared them to a real Pop-Tart, they are pretty much identical in calories and carbs. By the way, on the Pop-Tart’s nutritional info webpage it’s pretty terrible because they state how Pop-Tarts are a great source of real fruit, vitamins and minerals. Yet among all the terrible ingredients they still use artificial coloring like Blue 1. I sound like such a millennial, I know.

I most often eat these as an afternoon snack right out of the bag. I try to only eat only one to keep the calories in check for a snack.

What these have going for them is the organic ingredients and I can throw one in my purse or keep them in my drawer at work.

There are two flavors to choose from: Strawberry and Cherry Pomegranate but then there is also the elusive seasonal Pumpkin flavored one! I switch back and forth with the flavors but this post is mostly about the Cherry Pomegranate.

I find I can’t really taste the cherry and pomegranate in the pasty, the two flavors really blend together, they could have called it just cherry or just pomegranate and I wouldn’t know the difference. When you look at the ingredients pomegranate is only used once as a juice, it’s not even in the fruit puree. The strawberry and especially the pumpkin have a very pronounced distinguishable flavor.
sidenutitionIngredients: Wheat flour*, evaporated cane syrup (sugar)*, evaporated cane syrup invert*, palm oil*, whole wheat flour*, fruit puree concentrate* (cherry*, apple*), corn starch*, rice starch*, vital wheat gluten*, leavening (baking soda, cream of tarter) pomegranate juice concentrate*, dextrose* (tapioca), sea salt, flavors* (cherry*,vanilla*), citric acid, honey*, molasses*, rice bran extract*, colored with betalains, paprika extract (from plants), whey protein concentrate (milk)*, algin, sodium citrate, monocalcium phosphate. *Organic

Contains Wheat and Milk (sorry gluten free folks)  Certified organic by QAI.



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