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Trader Joe’s Creamy Polenta with Spinach & Carrots


TJ’s Creamy Polenta with spinach and carrots was recommended to me by my best friend Bradley. I’ve always been a fan of ready made polenta. This is the first time I’ve bought it frozen. Polenta is not hard to make from scratch but having it ready-made is a time saver and I can’t really tell a difference in flavor. One bag is big enough for a family of four. Half the bag is perfect for my husband and I to not have leftovers.

inpanWhat’s nice is like many other TJ’s frozen items the polenta comes in round disk so you can easily determine how much you want to cook. I’m a big fan of using a saucepan versus the microwave. The cooking time for either options is basically the same, 5-7 minutes. It took me closer to 8 to warm up the whole bag in the skillet.

Personally, I think it’s heavy on the spinach for MY taste, but again thanks to the way it’s packaged next time I can hold back on some of the spinach. My husband and Bradley like it just the way it is, but I tend to not always eat my vegetables.

In order to make this a full dinner I added grilled chicken with the polenta. I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper, Herbes de Provence (not from TJ’s), and TJ’s Olive Oil with lemon juice. The polenta is made in France so I thought it was fitting to use a French seasoning on the chicken. I topped the dish with TJ’s Toscano cheese with black pepper.


Ingredients: Water, pasteurized cream (skim milk, butterfat), spinach, polenta (cornmeal), lowfat milk, carrots, shallots, extra virgin olive oil, butter (pasteurized cream), salt, garlic, black pepper extract (carrot concentrate, rosemary extract), vegetable stock (vegetable concentrate [carrot, onion, leek], water, spices.



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