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Trader Joe’s Gin and Watermelon Cooler Drink

I’m going to call this drink, TJ’s Watermelon Cooler Tonic. This is a very refreshing drink I made this weekend for friends joining us for a BBQ feast. This will be my go to drink while at the pool this summer.


The full name of the gin is, Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin. It is imported from the United Kingdom and distilled and bottled by Glen Catrine Distillers. The best part of this gin is it’s cheap. This is $8 gin (in CA) and at 750ML (just over 25 oz) it’s a great deal for mixed drinks. This is the gin you bring out for friends and keep that really expensive bottle hidden away. When it comes to mixing in a fruit juice expensive gin is not really needed. This gin really delivers for the price.


I’m not a huge fan of tonic water but I love the lime flavor in the TJ’s Tonic water. I can actually drink this on ice unlike most tonic water that is too bitter for my taste. It’s the perfect size for mixing individual drinks.

Ingredients:  water, cane sugar, natural quinine flavor, citric acid, natural lime with other natural ingredients.

I’ve been a huge fan of the TJ’s Watermelon Cooler for over a year, you can read my review here.

TJ’s Watermelon Cooler Tonic

Ingredients: Measurements based on a 20 oz glass

1 shot (1.5oz) Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin
1/2 cup  TJ’s Watermelon Cucumber Cooler
1 can 8 FL oz TJ’s Tonic Water
Fresh mint

Add 1 shot of TJ’s gin in a 20 oz glass, add 1 can (8 oz) TJ’s Tonic Water, add TJ’s Watermelon cooler (as much as you want for flavor), add ice and mint. Stir and enjoy a great summer drink!




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