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Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Cantaloupe Juice

frontmixedCold pressed juices are the trendy thing to spend $6+ dollars on.  It’s juice that comes with a trendy hipster price and feeling of smugness that my fruit drink is better than your fruit drink. Over the last couple years Trader Joe’s has introduced a number of Cold Pressed Juices, including Green, Red, Yellow, and Watermelon. This year they went outside of the juice box and created TJ’s Cold Pressed Cantaloupe Juice. Each 15.2-ounce, 140-calorie bottle contains only cantaloupe juice and lime juice.

Living in Los Angeles there are many ways to tell if a neighborhood is going through gentrification; usually it starts with horizontal fences, then fancy coffee shops, the local corner fruit vendor is suddenly selling kale, and the newest sign is a cold pressed juice bar. I know I sound bitter but I’d rather spend $6 on an amazing trendy donut in Highland park than on juice. This is why I will never be a 100% L.A. hipster.

I can’t blame Trader Joe’s for expanding into this market, their headquarters is in Monrovia, CA  which is not that far from L.A. It’s California after all, and all natural organic is the name of the game in this state.

How it comes sold
Shaken not stirred










On to my review about the actual drink. It cost $4 which is $1 cheaper than TJ’s other cold pressed juices and honestly it taste like a melted popsicle. Remember Otter Pops as a kid? It taste like the orange one.  The drink isn’t bad but not worth the price. I do like that it’s not a heavy drink and it is refreshing. Maybe I will buy it again to take on a road trip but this won’t be on my weekly shopping list. It’s a great price if you are into cold pressed juices, definitely beats the local store down the street.

Here is part of a Yelp review I can’t help but share:

Two juices and one bag of those balls makes for a $24 price tag. But when you think about it, to buy all those organic veggies, invest in a cold press juicer and the time spent prepping and making the juice, you’re basically spending the same $$$.
Just popped in this morning and I got a loyalty punch card! Cool! Now I get a free juice after spending $100 on juice! 

Sigh. I’m getting old.



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