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Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle (Seasonal)


front of bagDill pickle flavored popcorn is one of the more out there seasonal summer items at TJ’s. This is its second summer appearance, which means it was popular enough to be brought back another year. Get ready to pucker up, it’s gluten free and kosher and safe for most people to give it a try. 

The one thing that really hits you hard is the very strong dill scent when you open the bag. It reminded me of when I used to eat dill flavored potato chips as a kid. Lucky, the scent is way stronger than the dill flavor.

The kernels are very large and popped to perfection. TJ’s says the supplier has been making popcorn for over 130 years, so they’ve had a little bit of practice. Is this my favorite popcorn ever, no. The flavor is distinctly dill. Not too strong and just salty enough. If you have ever had a pickle flavored potato chip rest assured the flavor is nothing like those chips. This flavor is meant to be enjoyed. It’s not made to suffer through to show your friends what a bad ass you are for eating something that is clearly made to make your mouth pucker up and burn.


I think I will put this popcorn out at my next party just to watch people’s reactions. It should be entertaining.



Ingredients: Popcorn, sunflower oil, dextrin, salt (salt, tricalcium phosphate), natural flavors, citric acid, dill oil.

3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Popcorn in a Pickle (Seasonal)

  1. My daughter and i love the pickle popcorn!! You can imagine our disappointment when I went to buy more and when I couldn’t find it , i asked at customer service and they said it was a seasonal item. We have to wait till next summer?! You should sell it all year!!!


  2. I too was very disappointed ………….after trying popcorn for the 1st time went back to buy a dozen bags some for me some to share with friends…………….please bring it back


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