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Trader Joe’s Rice Cracker Medley (Gluten Free)

FullSizeRender 3I found this bag of Trader Joe’s Rice Cracker Medley in the new item section this past weekend. However, the official TJ’s web page seems to have no information on this product as I write this post. The Rice Cracker medley is a mix of baked rice crackers and flavored with soy, salt & vinegar, chili, and bonus wasabi green peas. This bag of rice crackers is great for snacking and for parties. The shapes and colors are fun and the flavors are a nice mix of salty and spicy. If you have tried rice crackers before, this is nothing new. If it taste like a rice cracker than it must be a rice cracker.

Below is my flavor guide for the different shapes. This is total guess work here, but it was fun to do all the taste testing!


Normal: Your standard rice cookie flavor, kind of bland but hey it’s a rice cracker, what do you expect.

Spicy: These are the more golden color of the two that look a like. If you look closely it has a spiral to it, and you can see small chili flakes. They are only a tiny bit spicy.

Seaweed: Yup, the taste of seaweed is totally overpowering, the only thing the rice cracker adds is crunch.

Soy: Faint soy flavor, and being thicker than the others it gives a more satisfying crunch

Wasabi Pea: Not a rice cracker. Some of these are very spicy, while others have very little spice.

Salt & Vinegar: The white round rice crackers are my favorite. I love the extra salty flavor. These were the first to fully disappear from the bag.

These are a great snack, very low in sugar and calories. I do find they fill me up quickly as an afternoon snack. Other than filling you up, that is about all they do, no real nutritional gain. Basically they only help those hunger pains go away.


FullSizeRender 12Ingredients: Rice, soy sauce (water, soybeans, rice, salt), wasabi green peas (green peas, cornstarch, wasabi flavor [horseradish oil, arabic gum, cornstarch, maltodextrin], sugar, palm oil, sea salt), cane sugar, salt and vinegar flavor (vinegar flavor, sugar, salt, yeast extract, citric acid), maltodextrin, water, chili sauce flavor (sugar, vinegar flavor, salt, tapioca starch, yeast extract, onion, paprika oleoresin [for color], capsicum extract), seaweed, salt, tapioca starch, paprika oleoresin (for color). CONTAINS SOY. PRODUCT OF THAILAND  


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