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Trader Joe’s Organic 100% Melon Juice

FullSizeRender 9I love checking the what’s new section at my Trader Joe’s because this week I found a new favorite juice, Trader Joe’s Melon Juice. It’s 100% honeydew melon juice and to top it off it’s also organic! 

Have you ever had a perfect piece of honeydew melon? The perfect amount of ripeness where the fruit almost melts in your mouth? Well, that is what you get with each sip of this juice. Forget the Cold Pressed Cantaloupe Juice and head over to the non-refrigerated juice section of your local TJ’s. I have to say this gives my favorite drink,  TJ’s Watermelon Cucumber Cooler a run for it’s money. This juice is great by itself, but I recommend adding a splash of Trader Joe’s Sparking Water to give it an extra bit of fizz. This is a new product you should definitely try.

Ingredients: Organic Honeydew Melon Juice
Product of Turkey FullSizeRender 10



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