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Trader Joe’s Sweetened Dried Orange Slices

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Trader Joe’s Sweetened Dried Orange Slices are pretty wonderful and versatile in the kitchen.  As the package says the are moist (gasp, everyone’s least favorite word) and sweet. They also have a lovely bitterness in their rind that really balances out the flavor. 

I heard TJ’s discontinued their Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit – Soft & Juicy Mandarins and this may be it’s replacement. I have to say I like these far more than the mandarins. I will buy these again where I ended up throwing out the mandarins when they become too old.

This type of orange is something I do around Christmas time. I’m lucky to have three large orange trees in our yard and come December I’m flush with oranges. All I do is cut them in slices and boil them in sugar water until they are translucent. I let them dry on a cooling pan. This is very easy, there are lot’s of recipes on the internet, I don’t have a specific recipe and basically improvise doing something a little different every time.

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Back to the TJ’s Dried Orange Slices, these really can be used many different fun ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Dip half in tempered chocolate (makes a great gift)
  2. Dice them up and add to a salad
  3. When serving duck, add them to the orange sauce or as a garnish
  4. Excellent addition to drinks, alcoholic or not
  5. Use as decoration on cakes and cookies
  6. Cut into pieces and add to a cheese plate

I would love more suggestions in the comments section!

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Ingredients: Oranges. cane sugar, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sulfer dioxide (for freshness).
Product of Thailand 


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