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Trader Joe’s Miso Ginger Broth and Fresh Rice Noodles

Trader Joe’s Miso Ginger Broth and Fresh Rice Noodles Soup – Two ways to enjoy!

Alright, I didn’t even realize my post was going to be ginger related till I was typing the title. Third times the charm.

One thing I always keep stocked in my pantry is TJ’s Miso ginger broth. If I’m ever feeling sick or my stomach is bothering me I heat some up in a coffee mug and sip away. It’s so warming as it goes down to the tummy! I love it more than chicken noodle soup because it’s all broth and I’m super into any soup that’s mostly broth. I’ve been known to leave all the veggies in a bowl and only eat the broth in most soups. Yeah, I’m one of those who doesn’t like their food to touch either. Continue reading “Trader Joe’s Miso Ginger Broth and Fresh Rice Noodles”

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Trader Joe’s Brewed Ginger Beer

I will continue my love of all things ginger today with another favorite of mine. I’ve been enjoying this drink for almost a year. TJ’s Brewed Ginger Beer non-alcoholic sparkling beverage has become my go to beverage with dinner. I like it better than the Reed’s brand, which is also available at TJ’s and it’s miles better than the canned option, Hansen’s Ginger Ale.

Continue reading “Trader Joe’s Brewed Ginger Beer”

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Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Ginger Chunk Cookies

Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Ginger Cookies 

Now I love many a Trader Joe’s cookie, but this one has quickly risen to the top of my list. The bag describes it as buttery and rich ginger chunk cookies that melt in your mouth. This is the perfect way to describe this cookie. While other TJ’s ginger cookies are dry, crispy, and of course yummy this cookie is a perfectly in between the two, it’s crispy yet soft as you bite in and chew.

There are only a few chunks of ginger in each cookie, but anymore would probably be overpowering and too gingery. The bag comes with two individually wrapped containers holding 7 cookies each. Which is a little wasteful, but also allows you to eat a pack (7) and save some for later and know they will be fresh. Although, I’m finding it hard not to eat them all in two days. Continue reading “Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Ginger Chunk Cookies”